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Strong Antibacterial Multi-Purpose Reusable Wipes-Pack 20

Strong Antibacterial Multi Purpose Reusable Wipes Pack 20

These strong antibacterial multi purpose reusable wipes are ideal for any cleaning requirement. Washable and reusable these wipes can be used wet or dry, and are ultra strong and super absorbent.

These reusable wipes contain antibacterial properties to help remove harmful germs, viruses and bacteria from surfaces. You will have peace of mind when using these antibacterial reusable wipes that you’re reducing germs whenever you clean.

These cleaning wipes are superbly multifunctional  and are a fantastic multi surface cleaning wipe that are ideal to wipe, scrub, clean or dust, anywhere in the house, office, bathrooms, kitchen or restaurant. These wipes are suitable for hand washing or machine washable, and can be machine washed and reused again and again. These reusable wipes will appear streak and lint-free with every wash. 

Commercial Grade Antibacterial Reusable Wipes


  • Contain antibacterial properties to assist when cleaning to remove harmful germs, viruses and bacteria
  • suitable for hand washing or machine washable
  • Reusable time and time again
  • Ultra thick and strong
  • Extra Large 60cm x 60cm each wipe
  • Pack 20 Wipes

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