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Heavy Industrial Automatic Sanitiser Station & QR Code-Pink


 Heavy Industrial Automatic Sanitiser Station & QR Code-Pink

Australian Made this Sanitiser Station will design to provide a high quality and heavy quality sanitisation solution. You wont need to worry about this station being blown over in the wind. It weighs 12kgs and stands 1200mm high. 
In a class of its own, this Australian Made beauty offers high class automatic sanitisation and QR Code Sign In that is a truly memorable product that commands attention.

Perfect for use in high traffic areas to aid flow and for everyday use environments where hand hygiene is fundamental to keep businesses open and our community safe. Our touch free automatic sanitiser station removes the risks associated with cross contamination. Offering great value and superior long-term solutions for workplaces, public spaces and education. This product has proven to be very popular, reliable and will last the test of time in helping to keep Australians safe.


Stand Specifications

  • Made using Australian Steel

  • Manufactured and Designed in Australia

  • Dimension: 1200(h) x 300(w) x 300(d)mm

  • Weight: 12kg

  • Colour: Black Powder coated

Automatic Black Dispenser Specifications 

  • Dimension: 270(h) x 130(w) x 120(d)mm

  •  Capacity: 1000ml

  •  Weight: 1kg

  •  Warranty: 12 Months

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