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Electrostatic Sprayers & Disinfecting Foggers

Disinfecting Foggers and ElectroStatic Sprayers have revolutionised way of disinfecting and sanitising workspaces, hospitals, schools, early childhood and preschools in a safe, fast and effective manner that requires no wiping or drying surfaces after application. The Victory Innovations Electrostatic Cordless Sprayers allow you to sanitise and disinfect surfaces up to 90% faster than standard sprayers, and delivers a superior result to all contact touch points and surfaces in schools, hospitals, and anywhere the public gather. Use with one of our Hospital Grade Disinfectant that is made here in Australian Made, or for those that prefer a truly all natural and organic product you can't go past the amasing Australian Made NatroShield Disinfectant that is TGA Approved too. 

The Victory Innovations Technology is best enabling your chemical goes further, in multiple ways. Because the positively charged particles repel each other, they provide wider coverage than you’d get with a traditional trigger sprayer. They also won’t clump together, so instead of irregular pools of chemical, you get a perfectly even layer. That means you can cover an area in less than half the time it takes you now. And compared with a traditional trigger sprayer, a Victory electrostatic sprayer uses less than half the amount of chemical to cover the same area.

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